about me

pretty & functional adornments for everyday

Pretty and functional: That's how I like to characterize what I create. My creative "bursts" are driven by the need for something to perform a specific task...and for it to be lovely at the same time! I love creating accessories and paper crafts that are functional and practical for everyday as well as fun and pretty to add that "special something" to an outfit, hairdo, or note to a friend. From adding a wool felt rose hair pin to your hair for your "office hairdo", wearing a brooch that doubles as a hair clip, using decoupaged clothespins to keep your mail in order, or hanging up your special photos with a floral photo garland kit, that "little bit of pretty" is sure to go a long way.

Lovely color combinations and texture assortments are inspired by fun times with my family and friends as well as moments that touch my heart. Because of this, there is a little bit of "me" and my everyday comings and goings in each piece I create. Whether it be a sweater clip to hold my cardigan in place because I am inspired by my sister's vintage style or cotton fabric tape with a whimsical design to add to sweet little love notes to my husband and children because we're so silly together, all are a reflection of my love for handmade and desire to share it with those who enrich my life.

Left: Photo Garland Kit: Clockwise from middles: cotton bow; wool felt bloom hair clip; sweater clips/collar guards; fabric tape)

I am thankful for this creative avenue for which God has abundantly graced me. As a counselor by profession and mom/wife/sister/daughter/friend in everything else, a few moments here and there to stitch, crochet, and sew is more than enough to re-energize and get me going again when fatigue sets in (just keeping it real)!

Thank you so much for stopping by and taking a peek in to LoveNote Crafts.  I hope you see something you love and please, check back often!