Monday, August 15, 2011

Taking the Crafting Plunge

For several years now, I've been lightly dabbing my feet in the creative waters of "all things crafty", with my whims lasting only several weeks at a time before I would get bored.  Back then, my mantra seemed to be, "Wow, that's cool.  I can do that...maybe I can even sell that....I gotta try that."  I think that's why my whims did not last long.  I got lost in the "...I can even sell that" mentality, pretty much sucking the joy out of the adventure for me, not really knowing why I was crafting in the first place or what it was I even liked.

Four years later with a closet full of crafting supplies and several dozen unfinished "projects", I've come to realize that crafting allows me to express my left-brain in a right-brain sort of way.  I love the look of well-placed beads on an organza flower brooch or the chevron lines of a baby blanket crocheted with seemingly contrasting yarn colors.  It all just seems to fit!

With that, I've taken the crafting plunge--to be creative everyday and to enjoy the pure simple act of doing so.  I'll see where this new adventure takes me.   

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