Saturday, August 20, 2011

To Etsy or Not Etsy?

I've always had a grand time crafting making pretty things.  Until recently, It did not really occur to me to utilize Etsy to sell some of these accoutrements that pop up in my head.  I guess I figured that this was just a hobby of mine, something that helped me relax, get my mind off of any worries or anxieties of the day.  Basically, it's fun for me to do this stuff.

I follow a blog entitled Christian Personal Finance.  Yesterday's entry was about "4 Keys to Unlocking Your Passion".  Of the 4 keys described in the entry, the one that struck a chord in me was What is the one thing that you love doing so much that you lose all track of time when you’re doing it?”  This made me think about the time I spend crafting.  For the most part, I do my thing at night, especially when I can't sleep.  I start working on some idea I have in my head not realizing 3 hours have gone by and it's already 2am.  

Crafting helps me relax in a world that is always moving.  It's a different kind of "relaxation" compared to that which I feel when I'm with my family.  The act of being creative (with the hopes that the end product will make the eventual receiver of the gift smile) is what makes me keep doing it.  

I plan to list items on Etsy in the next week.  I'm keeping my mind open to the possibilities.  If things sell, they sell.  If they don't, that's okay too.  God has blessed me with an outlet to share joy with people and so I will keep doing it. I think I've finally got it.  =)

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