Thursday, September 8, 2011

God is at work today and everyday!

So this post is not entirely crafting related but I felt it worth it to post the following quote I read from a blog I follow, Money Help for Christians:

"God is at work today, and he has character traits, jobs, tasks, and/or assignments which he wants us to complete on his behalf."

  More days than not, I thoroughly enjoy the work I do--serving people who need help, assisting those looking for direction, etc.  It brings me great joy to see them succeed, brings me perspective when things aren't going so well for them, and most of all, brings me patience, understanding, and empathy.

Sometimes, however, the job seems like a chore.  It's at those times where I have to step back, take a look at things around me, and ask myself, "What does God want me to do today?".  This is when my perspective gets renewed and I open myself up to what God has planned for me.  Oftentimes my perspective is not God's perspective and I just have to be still and listen. 

When I think about what God has planned for me today and focus my day on that path, my day feels productive which in turn brings me greater inspiration when I craft.  (So there's the crafting connection).  It's not an "inspiration" to make something beautiful, unique, or utterly gorgeous.  Rather, it's an inspiration to appreciate the time He blesses me to do the "traits, jobs, tasks, and/or assignments which he wants [me] to complete on his behalf" which in turn allows me to enjoy the simple every day crafting. 

Happy crafting! =)

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