Friday, November 2, 2012

Remembering to Stop & Smell the Roses

It's Friday and I'm looking forward to a relaxing weekend of being with my family.  After two weeks of "sick" making its way through our home, I'm the last one standing {knocks on wood}.  Needless to say, I'm exhausted, but very grateful that hubs and the kids are much better.  

Working full-time with a hubs, two-littles, and a home to keep running, I struggle to find time to do things for myself, even to just take care of myself {case in point: My eyebrows are growing out of control!}.  Vanity, yes.  But sometimes even a little thing as painting my nails in the quiet of the floor of our closet at 2:00am when everyone is asleep or threading the brows (though painful) early on a Saturday morning can bring an instant sigh of "Awwww......that feels much better."

It's interesting too that I find that when I'm not "looking" and "worrying" about when I'm going to be able to do all on my to-do list (which is a combination for family things and mommy-time things), God says, "Okay Emily.  Right now, this is time.  Take it."  Case in point: As I was pumping (for all you breastfeeding moms out there, you know what I'm talking about!) at work today, I felt restless when I usually feel relaxed.  I brought some felt to work to work on some things for an upcoming craft fair, but fully intended on doing so at the end of the day.  I couldn't sit still much longer and gave in to the feeling of God saying, "Just relax.  Do what you need to do to relax".  And I did.  And these are what I made in the span of 20 minutes of pumping 8 oz out of the "girls":

Pink Ombre Roses

Everyone needs some roses--today was that day for me.  I instantly perked up and thanked God for the 20 minutes he blessed me with to regroup and refocus as I often times forget to stop & smell the roses.  Life is blessed.  Life is wonderful.

Have a blessed weekend everyone!

 {Oh and Happy Crafting!}

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