Thursday, January 24, 2013

New Pretty Lovelies ♥


I love all the cuteness that ensues in the weeks and days leading up to Valentine's Day.  With my "oldest little" now in 1st grade, it's fun to do Valentine's day cards with him.  While I go for the pinks, reds, and hearts, he typically goes for the cars, transformers, and lego themes.  It's all good though--he has fun making valentines...Optimus Prime can be pretty cool:
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But if Transformers aren't your thing, here's an easy peasy way to crochet cute little hearts for your love notes, not just for Valentine's Day, but for everyday of the year.

G-size crochet hook 
any type of yarn, but I prefer cotton since it doesn't get all fuzzy
(DC=double crochet; TR=triple crochet; CH=chain; SL ST=slip stich)

Make a magic ring; CH 3
~then in the same ring, do the following~
3 TR ; 4 DC; CH 1; 1 TR; CH 1; 4 DC; 3 TR; CH 3
SL ST in the middle dip at the top of the heart, pulling the yarn tight closing the ring
Tie up the yarn ends making a double knot behind the heart to secure the heart's shape
(to illustrate where the stitches are in the heart)
Add a little bead to the center and you're done!  Use these pretties for wrapping, embellishing your cards, or adding that lil' bit o' love to whatever your heart desires!

Love these but not feeling the crochet bit?  Well, I'll help you out--check out the new lovelies in my shop where I've made them just for you =)

Check out my shop for more pretty lovelies--I'll be adding more felt flowers, trying my hands at pin cushions, and experimenting more with Mod Podge.  I hope you like them! =)

Happy Crafting!

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