Friday, May 3, 2013

Five Friday Favorites

Wonderfully inspired by my creative friend, April, over at The Quirky Craftyneer, I've also decided to do a weekly "something" to help me keep up with blogging.  She has "Throwback Thursday" where she brings back oldies but goodies to share with her blog readers.  (Check out her blog--she''s awesomely creative with her Project Life layouts!)

My weekly "something" will be "Five Friday Favorites", stuff I've seen, pinned, tried, etc. that made my week all the more interesting and fun. :)  Here we go!


{ Favorite Etsy Item:  WhatParty }
Link to Picky Ducks

Hilarious!  I came across this item doing a search for embroidery hoop decorations and busted out in laughter just imagining two ducks talking and complaining.  I'm thinking about it now and it's still making me laugh.  Sometimes I wonder what animals would be thinking when they come across humans....


{ Favorite Pin: Ruffled Pillows }
Link to ruffled pillows pin

I can only pretty much sew straight lines and a zig zag here and there, but how awesome would it be to make a ruffled pillow or pillow with a pretty bow?  {swoon}  I'd totally love to do that, but for now, I'll just gaze as ideas of pretty pillows dance in my head.


{ Favorite Fact: Dothraki Language and UC San Diego }
Photo credit: /

I haven't seen HBO's "Game of Thrones" before, but I have heard of this "Dothraki" language that is spoken in the series.  The person, David J. Peterson, who created that language was a linguistics graduate from UC San Diego, my alma mater.  Reading about how he creates these fictional languages is fascinating to me.  Plus, he is a UCSD grad--Go Tritons!  Woot!


{ Favorite Photo: My littlest little on this hot May day}

Yes, Ms. C is ready for the warm summer days.  But for now, she's concentrating on the blueberry waffle she left on her brother's booster seat.


{ Favorite Quote: God's Plans }


Have a wonderfully blessed weekend and as always....

Happy Crafting!

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  1. I LOVE THIS EMILY! I love your take on it by doing it through categories! I'm going to have to steal this from you.. (some different categories though)! And thanks for the shout-out! :) You're so sweet!