Sunday, September 25, 2011

My Sister-In-Law Has Great Up-do Hair

I elicited the help of my beautiful sister-in-law, Maryanne, to help me with "hair" photos for my Etsy site.  She came by our house on Saturday with twins in tow who were all ready to play with cousin Xavier.  Once we got the kids fed and watched a bit of "The X Factor", outside we went to take some photos.  We took the photos in front of a neighbor's house hoping they would not open their garage and find us using their hedges and neutral-colored garage door as backdrops!  Check out her awesome photos below:

 Maryanne has awesome updo hair.  She is always very creative with how she does her hair and is a fan of hair gurus on YouTube.  We had a great time together chatting about fashion, our kids, my brother (her husband), and how good the hoagies we ate were before we took the photos.  That's my girl--we like to eat. =)  It's been a great weekend.  As Hubs and Xavier are off having fun at Wild Rivers, I'm off to have a few quiet hours of crafting...or perhaps take that badly needed nap to rest my very-pregnant body.

Also, please do check out the lovely new items that Maryanne "hair modeled"--LoveNote Crafts on Etsy.

Happy Crafting!

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