Tuesday, November 8, 2011

I Love Fall Colors

Fall is definitely upon us with winter right around the corner.  After putting together stock for my first craft show this weekend, I was finally able to play around more with rolled roses using wool felt.  Wool felt has such a nice soft texture, different from the craft felt purchased from your local Michael's or Joann's stores.  Yes, it is a bit more expensive, but once you feel it, it's kind of hard to go back.  Plus, it makes me want to save all those scraps!

Rose Flower Bloom in Fall Brown
This one looks really cute in a side pony, my current hairstyle of choice.
Rose Flower Bloom in Warm Fall Red
Another cute little hair accoutrement perfect for a side pony or "regular pony"--I think this adds just enough of a romantic touch to your everyday hairstyle.

Rose Flower Bloom in Mustard Yellow
A cute accoutrement to keep your perfectly styled scarf in place--looks super cute on a cashmere scarf lazily draped around your neck!  

I just love these fall colors because they remind me of Thanksgiving--my favorite holiday!  I'm glad I spent some time playing around with these roses--practice makes perfect (at least, just perfect for me!).  Please check out new lovelies just added to my LoveNote Crafts shop and as always, 

Happy Crafting!

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