Monday, November 14, 2011

I've Been a Busy Little Bee

What a great whirlwind weekend!  My first ever craft fair was more fun than I imagined.  Watching customers touch, feel, and try on my wares was exciting, especially when they found the perfect item they were looking for. Even more so, meeting other vendors and checking out the multitude of ways they have been creative was enjoyable for me.  I was also able to sneak away from my booth for a bit and purchase some hair clips for myself and for my little-one-soon-to-arrive.  Adorable baby dresses and leggings (!) were all around me and I just couldn't resist.  I'll post my craft fair loot in another blog post this week.

After I packed up my wares, I realized just how busy I was making these little items.  I think because I did a little bit every day, it didn't seem like I was super busy.  Plus, I enjoyed making every single piece.  I estimate that I sold about 1/4 of what I brought (which I thought was pretty good for a first-timer) and now the rest is up in my LOVENOTE CRAFTS Esty shop just in time for the holiday shopping season.  I don't anticipate crafting much more before the end of the year since our little one will be arriving soon, so I think I can now just sit back and relax, crochet a blanket or two for the little one and prop my feet up. =)

Here are some of my favorite accoutrements up in my store--

Rose Flower Bloom in Blush Pin--Hair Pin and Ring

Crochet Rose Bloom in Navy

Crochet Rolled Rose Trio

Satin Flower Bloom in Brozne

Chiffon Rose in Pink

Rose Flower Bloom in Blue

Just so much fun this weekend!  Definitely a lot of work but well worth it!  Make sure to check out the new items @ LOVENOTE CRAFTS and as always...

Happy Crafting!

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