Sunday, June 3, 2012

DIY: Scented Tissue Paper Flowers

I wanted to make tissue paper flowers as centerpieces for our little girl's Baptism reception a couple of weeks ago. There are many tutorials you can find on the web to make different kinds of flowers, but my favorites are found here. I just played around with different cuts until I was satisfied with the shape of my flowers. I knew I wanted to incorporate "lemonade-esque" colors, i.e., pinks and yellows with a light gray as an accent color. I then arranged the flowers in a pint-size mason jar and wallah! Spring flower centerpieces!

However, though they looked cute in the mason jars, something was missing. I wanted to make them a bit more different than other tissue paper flowers. So, I had the idea to fill them with scented potpourri to add a nice delicate scent to the tissue paper and match the colors of the flowers. The potpourri also did a super job of holding the flower "stems" in place. I filled the mason jars with potpourri and arranged the flowers, letting the flowers "sit" in the potpourri for a few days before the reception to allow the potpourri to "infuse" the tissue paper. It worked (and smelled) beautifully!

I simply loved the way these turned out and will make more of them for our home. I got a kick out of seeing some of our guests smell the "flowers" and for one moment think they were real. Use them to fill a small room with a pleasant scent or use them in the bathroom--such a keen idea!

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