Saturday, June 9, 2012

A Pinterest Win: Crayon Teacher Gift!

When my son entered Kindergarten, he was not too big on coloring.  In fact, I think he considered it a chore.  His "drawings" consisted of scribbles using mostly pencil and lots of circles (which he said were racetracks).  The first few weeks of school, he drew these "racetracks"...all the time.  His teachers encouraged him to use his crayons and markers to get creative and experiment.  As the weeks went by, he moved from drawing "racetracks" to cars, animals, houses, etc.  At the end of the year, he was writing sentences to describe his pictures and now loves drawing pictures and coloring them.

In the weeks prior to my son's last day of Kindergarten last Thursday, I was browsing Pinterest for some cute and unique teacher gift ideas to give to his 3 teachers at school.  My best friend (who is a teacher) had shared with me that she has scented candles and lotions that will last her a lifetime.  Gift cards are also a great and useful alternative (which we gave them at Christmas), but I wanted to give them something unique that represented/symbolized my son's experience in Kindergarten.  Enter Pinterest.....

I thought this was such a clever idea!  Determined to make it (3 of them!) I headed to the 99 Cent store to pick up supplies (3 boxes of 64 count crayons and 3 small round glass vases--I didn't want to use cans as in the original tutorial.).  I didn't find the vases I was looking for there and ended up at Michael's.  Anyway, a couple of gluesticks, ribbon, and goodies later, I made these:

Each little vase has a set of 3 pencils, a little sticky note pad, and flower brooch (LoveNote Crafts, of course!).  I thought were so cute and adding the matching ribbon to each one just made me smile.  Check out the link to the original tutorial and Happy Crafting!

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