Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Hello Kitty....and I thought I've seen it all!

In addition to crafting, those who know me are aware of my love of vintage Hello Kitty. I'm always on the hunt to find unique Hello Kitty pieces that bring me back to my childhood. I also have a pretty nifty collection of appliances (Hello Kitty, of course) that I do use both at work and at home which include:

COFFEE MAKER: though not the exact one I have, it does make excellent coffee and is the perfect size for my office.

TOASTER OVEN: a present from me to my husband as a housewarming gift.  LOL

TOASTER: makes excellent toast!
HOT/COLD WATER COOLER: actually works!

POPCORN MAKER: my son and nephews love this!

WAFFLE MAKER: given to me by a dear friend, it makes wonderful waffles!
SANDWICH MAKER: given to me by my husband on the night he proposed--and makes great sandwiches!

While I do love Hello Kitty, I did cringe a bit when I came across this little diddy on Ebay:

Yes my friends, this is an actual Hello Kitty breast pump.  While I do appreciate the novelty of it and am actually quite fascinated by it, I think I'll stick to my Medela. 

Happy Crafting!

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