Monday, December 10, 2012

A New Christmas Wreath with Old Traditions

Can you believe it's already December 10th?  Fifteen more days until Christmas, but who's counting, right?  (I'm trying not to!)

Over the weekend, Hubs and I set out to get our place in the Christmas spirit as we had all been out of commission for the past several weeks due to colds and food poisoning (not fun!).  I thought the Christmas wreath we usually put on our front door needed some updating as we have had it for 8 years.  Honestly, it was a bittersweet moment to put it away for something new since we've had it since we moved in to our place 8 years ago.  But, change is good and if I can incorporate some meaningful elements, then it's even better.

Enter our "new" Berries and Cinnamon stick Christmas wreath:

unfinished wood frame (Michael's)
cranberries (the fake kind)
cinnamon sticks (bundled)
Christmas trim pickings
e6000 glue 
wired ribbon

I dug through our Christmas decorations pulling out cranberry branches, cinnamon stick bundles, bow, and Christmas trim pickings that I had collected and made over the past 8 years. They weren't in "rotation" this year for our tree so I decided that these would be perfect for the "old traditions" part of the wreath.  I call these "old" since I've made bits and pieces of our Christmas decorations since we've been married.  I thought it would be nice to put these pieces in our "new" wreath (the "new" part being the wood frame).  

I arranged the frame, glued everything down, and wallah!  A new Christmas wreath with old traditions!  I think it turned out quite pretty and was very easy to make.  It kind of looks a bit rustic with a "country Christmas" feel.  The best thing I like about our "new old" wreath is that every time I look at it, I'm reminded of our (Hubs and I) first Christmas together and our Christmases with our littles.  Plus, the cinnamon stick bundles still have their cinnamon scent!  

We have more fun decorating to do and are taking our time doing so.  Christmas is such a wonderful season and we want to savor every moment, every day of it, with family and friends!

Happy Crafting!

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