Wednesday, December 12, 2012

DIY: Upcycled French Memory Board

A few months ago, I found this ratty old looking cork board behind a shelving unit in my office.  I thought it would make a nice base for a French memory board.  You know the kind--holds pictures, notes, mementos, etc.  Our family was is need of a "central" location for little notes and reminders, especially in the mornings when we are trying to remember all that we need to bring and do for school, work, and childcare.

I've made a few of these in the past using those white artists canvas boards, complete with batting and such.  However, because this piece seemed to be an actual cork board, I opted not to use any batting.  This is what I came up with:

~artist canvas board, cork board, etc.
~staple gun
~cotton material (large enough to cover your board)
~matching ribbon
~buttons, thumb tacks, etc.
~glue (as needed)

How To (reference the number in photos with steps below):

1.  Assemble your materials (tacks/buttons & ribbon not pictured)
2.  Lay out your cotton material face-down and lay your board on top of it.
3 & 4. Begin to fold down the edges and staple in place.
5. This is how the back of the board should like.
6.  Fold in the corners.
7.  Staple the corners down.
8.  Smooth edges are nice!
9. This is how the back of the board should look like after stapling.
10.  Front of board--nice and smooth!

Take your ribbon and criss cross it on the board.  Using the tacks/buttons, place a tack/button where the ribbons cross each other.  Sew on the thumbtacks or buttons to the felt.Wallah!  Your very own French Memory Board!

Whether this be used for everyday reminders or for noting supplies for a quick day trip out of town, this memo board is an organizing life saver!  It was easy to do, fun (yay for upcycling!), and something useful for our home.  Did you notice that the first note I put on it tonight was "Mommy pump parts"? I'm still pumping for my 11-month old and I occasionally forget my pump supplies for work.  Well, never again now that we have this nifty memory board!

Happy Crafting!

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