Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Crochet + Something Cute = Uber Cute

I crocheted a donut one time complete with little sprinkles.  I was simply in love it and laughed every time I saw it because it was so cute.  A crocheted donut!  When you combine something already cute (like tiny cakes and sweets) with crochet, you get something like these:

Sweets & treats: KTBdesigns @ Etsy

 or a Breakfast Set: KTBdesigns @ Etsy
Breakfast Time ....PDF Pattern

or a serving of Mac n' Cheese:  KTBdesigns @ Etsy
Mac & Cheese...PDF Crochet Pattern 

or a Hair Design Set: KTBdesigns @ Etsy
Hair Design Crochet Pattern...pdf Pattern

or a Cookie Baking Set :  KTBdesigns @ Etsy
Cookie Baking  PDF pattern

I love just about everything at KTBdesigns @ Etsy.  All of Sally's (the owner) creations are her original designs.  I haven't purchased any patterns, but I have purchased her completed creations and given them as gifts to friends. With Valentine's Day coming up, I couldn't resist purchasing these from her:

Play Food (Cookies): KTBdesigns @ Etsy
Valentine Crochet Cookie Packages....crochet play food

They're just so darn cute.  They make great additions to  your little one's play things, kitchen sets, and just about anything else.  Give as a gift to a friend (or yourself) and watch a smile form from ear to ear.  Add little round magnets to the back and put them on your fridge or attach a key ring and you have a fun little key chain.  The possibilities are endless!

I look forward to when my littlest little is old enough to play tea party with Mommy.  When she is, you can bet we're going to have fun with little crocheted goodies.  I might just have to purchase this in the meantime, to you know, practice =)
 Tea Set:  KTBdesigns @ Etsy
Crochet Tea Set... PDF Pattern

Happy Crafting!

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