Wednesday, January 2, 2013

A Happy New Year with Hello Kitty & Talking Bacon

Happy New Year!  Being home from work for two and half weeks for the Christmas holiday was amazing.  A quick trip to Vegas (where we sat through a time share presentation to get $50), putting up more decorations around our house than we normally do (yay for Target sales!), wrapping presents (I got pretty crafty with these), eating so much yummy junk (um, almost every day of the vacation and especially on New Year's Eve with my bro's famous meatball sandwiches), witnessing the gyrations of our Filipino PSY at the annual family-and-friends-Christmas-party (yes, you know you have "that" uncle too), shopping and dinners with my sister (whom I'm so proud of!), loving my parents (thanks for the fridge!), loving my in-laws (thanks for the gift of your time!), watching my kids sleep (they are growing up so fast), experiencing my littlest little turning one and spending lazy nights watching tv with my hubs.....all of this created a memorable and very much a blessed time for us.

Christmas had it's share of Hello Kitty including, but not limited to (note: these are stock photos): 

a new Hello Kitty rice cooker (from myself to myself)♥ 

a Hello Kitty cupcake maker (from my bro & sis-in-law)♥ 

a Hello Kitty key necklace (from my lovely sis)

But the most hilarious gift was Talking Bacon from a dear friend to my littlest little:

Talking Bacon--genious!  You press a button and it says, "I'm Bacon".  (yes you are...delicious!)♥ 

I didn't do much crafting, but did more brainstorming for fun stuff to add to my shop in the next few weeks.  Stay tuned for cute lovelies including more crocheted hearts, flowers and sweater clips (these were best sellers over the holiday!) as well as cotton & crochet hair bows, resin rose hair pins, felt & lace hair pins, embroidery hoop art, and my favorite, fabric tape and gift tags (for all your gifting and crafting needs). It's going to be an explosion of cuteness!

I hope you had a blessed Christmas with your family and friends.  Here's to a wonderful New Year!

Happy Crafting!

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