Thursday, February 21, 2013

Hello Thursday: Vintage Hello Kitty

When I'm on the hunt for vintage Hello Kitty, my go-to place is Ebay.  Oftentimes I'm not searching for anything in particular, but these arbitrary searches lead me to Hello Kitty things I wouldn't think to know existed (ahem, Hello Kitty breast pump).  One of these random searches led me to a Hello Kitty desk organizer (1991).  Super cute with its round tiered drawers that swing open, this is a pretty sturdy piece (hard plastic) standing at about 15.5" tall.  It's still in excellent condition with a few tiny scratches.  Each drawer has a little saying on it ("It's Little Things That Make Me Happy" and "This is a Good Day 'Cause I'm With You") and has more than enough room to hold various office supplies (in my case, paper clips, correction tape, post-its, pack of gum, etc.).  It sits on my desk at work and inadvertently serves as a small conversation starter.  Seriously, my office is like the Hello Kitty version of "Where's Waldo"--she's around, but you have to look closely to spot her! 
This is definitely one of my favorite pieces! =)

Happy Hello Kitty!

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