Thursday, February 14, 2013

It's Valentine's Day Every Day!

Hubs and I don't "celebrate" Valentine's Day too much.  An exchange of little notes and candies with each other and with our littles is perfect. (With much pride in his voice, my biggest little greeted me this morning with "Happy Valentine's Day, Mommy"  and proceeded to gift me with ONE jellybean.  Yes, ONE jellybean.  Hilarious.  He cracks us up every day.)   A night out is oftentimes a luxury for us, especially with our big little and littlest little.  But, we do find those little everyday moments  to spend time together.  Today, a spur-of-the-moment-lunch was one of them--Chipotle and Starbucks--the perfect lunch time date for us!  Having been together for almost 18 years (9 of those years married), it's a fun challenge for us to reinvent how we celebrate different things.  

Coming back from lunch, I see my little Hello Kitty business card holder (picture above) and am reminded of the #1 thing Hubs and I like to do when we do go out....sit on a bench with coffee in hand and people watch.  We love doing that.  We have our favorite benches around San Diego and so while we talk we watch and talk again.  We've been doing this for as long as I can remember and though our topics of conversation have changed over the years, we still very much enjoy this time together--our "quality" time so to speak.  My little business card holder is such a cute little reminder of good times--plus, aside from the cat-like characteristics, Dear Daniel's spiky hair and Hello Kitty's rose/bow remind me of us.  =)

So, on this Valentine's Day (and every day), I wish you a lovely day filled with lots of kisses and hugs from those you love!

♥  Happy Love Day! ♥ 

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