Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Mini Crochet Flowers: How-To in Pics

 Crocheting flowers is one of my favorite crafts to make.  Use them to make little hair clips, adorn packages, or  embellish other paper crafts.  They're very versatile!  Here's a quick way to make them:

// medium weight yarn (I used a wool blend)
// H size hook (using a smaller hook will yield a smaller and tighter flower)
// fabric tac glue or embroidery thread & needle
// scissors and various embellishments (optional)
(DC=double chain; SL ST=slip stitch; CH=chain)

(note: this pattern makes a flower about 1.25" in diameter)

{Dont' forget to fasten off your yarn when you get to the end!}

{Instead of using glue in this step, you can roll up the flower and then use the embroidery thread to stitch through the petals to secure them in place.}

Embellish these with little white pearls, beads, or leave them as is.  They're really cute just as they are and are handy to have around when you want to add a "little something" to your craft project.
  I used them to embellish mason jar gift tags--check them out in my shop...and all the other pretty lovelies

Happy Crafting!

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