Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Morning Coffee Just Got Cute

Momiji dolls are collectible little resin dolls that are gifted to individuals as a sign of friendship and love.  Also known as friendship dolls, each doll has a little space in its base to hide a secret message for the gift recipient.  Momiji dolls are a modern interpretation of the Japanese Kokeshi dolls

While I've seen the momiji x hello kitty dolls before, I had not seen the dolls on mugs.  So adorable with a hint of Hello Kitty, I had to scoop them up when I saw them @ my local Sanrio store, on sale even!

Each doll has a name (L to R in first photo: Chihiro, Gigi, & Stella) with their own special interests, i.e., running, music, etc.  At the bottom of each mug is Hello Kitty's face (what a nice treat to see when you reach the bottom of your mug) and a "Spread the Love" saying on each. These mugs are such a cute find!  I'll just add them to my little collection of  Hello Kitty mugs. =)

 ♥ Happy Hello Kitty! ♥ 

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