Sunday, February 3, 2013

A Little Hello Kitty Throwback

I remember growing up in elementary and middle school, I would get excited shopping for school supplies.  My mom would drive us to Long's Drug and we would pick out spiral notebooks, pencils, pens, etc. for the new school year.  What I got really excited about was selecting that one little Hello Kitty item (or two)--whether it be a pencil, eraser, or little spiral notebook--to add to my yearly school supplies.  My mom would give me my $6.00/month allowance and I spent it however I liked.  Hello Kitty pencils were only $0.25 back then.  My splurge was usually one of those little spiral notebooks which were about $1.25.  So, for $6.00/month, I was able to pick up some pretty nifty things.

The one "holy grail" of school supplies for me was a pencil case that had all these little compartments, complete with built in pencil sharpener.  Oh man.  I really wanted one of those, but could never find one.  One of my friends had one of those and I would just play with that thing like there was no tomorrow.  I just had to have one!

Fast forward 30 years.....I found it!  Walking through a Sanrio store over the weekend, I caught eye of this beautiful, throwback to my childhood:

Of course, I had to buy it and at $12.95, I scooped it up!  Much cheaper than I thought it would be especially after seeing vintage types of these Hello Kitty pencil cases selling for $50+ on Ebay.  Here's how I use it:

The top compartment works well holding my crochet hooks and various embroidery needles.  The bottom compartment holds a pair of scissors.  Everything about this pencil case is just like I remember back in the day.  It's available here on the Sanrio website.  Yay for throwback Hello Kitty!

♥ Happy Hello Kitty! 

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