Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Baby legwarmer coffee cozy--woot!

My littlest little loves those little baby legwarmers, but we always lose them....everywhere.  There's always one or two lying here and there, but the matching pair always seems to disappear somewhere....never to be found again.  So what to do with the lone legwarmer?  Make it into the cutest coffee cozy ever.  When I say "make", I really mean slip-it-onto-your-Starbuck's-grande-coffee-cup-or-over-your-mason-jar and you're-set.   I've seen this done with socks, but this is by far the easiest to me because it's no-sew! =)

The baby legwarmers are the perfect size to squoosh, stretch, ruche, and clean (just toss in the wash).  The ribbed ends hug the container in just the right way so that the container 
doesn't slip out of your hand.

 Find yourself some baby legwarmers and have fun rocking your itty-bitty legwarmer coffee cup/mason jar cozies! Your beverage containers will never be the same. =)

( to find more pair-less baby legwarmers!)

Happy Crafting!

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