Monday, March 25, 2013

Springy Fabric Tape Clothespins

One of my favorite (and useful) things to make are fabric tape clothespins.  Because the clothespins come in different sizes, you can use them for a variety of things (hanging up photos, making them in to magnets, holding papers together, etc.).  Decorate them with different fabric designs and you can match the clothespins to pretty much anything.  See below for a super easy how-to!


Gather different sized clothespins, a pair of sharp scissors and strips of fabric tape.  (Check out my fabric tape tutorial for an easy way to make the tape.)

 Cut your fabric tape into smaller strips to fit your clothespins. (I used clothespins that are about
 1.75" x .25" and was able to fit 3 of them on a 1.75" wide piece of fabric tape.)

 Peel off the backing of the fabric tape and line up the edges of the clothespins to the edge of the tape (to minimize cutting).  Make sure to press down firmly on the clothespins to make sure the 
tape sticks...and they will because the tape is super sticky!

 (This is where super sharp scissors come in handy!) Trim the tape close to the edges
 of the clothespins and wallah!  Super cute clothespins!

I just love making these little things!  I use them in my office to hold loose memos, notes, and 
miscellaneous reminders.  

Easy enough, right?  Now go make lots! =)

Happy Crafting!

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