Thursday, April 25, 2013

Hello Thursday: Trifecta of Hello Kitty Favorites

I'd like to introduce to you a Trifecta of Hello Kitty Favorites:  Hello Kitty coffee/tea maker, Hello Kitty water cooler, and Hello Kitty candy tin.  I purchased these little diddies about 10 years ago--the water cooler from Target and the coffee/tea maker from Ebay.  The tin was a gift from my good friend Rosemary of Vintage Sugar and Finding Mickey, another fellow collector of Hello Kitty and all things vintage (check out her blogs--she's awesome!) =)

What I love about the water cooler--mini sized, perfect for a corner in my office, and it dispenses cold AND hot water!  Cool, right?  The coffee tea/maker does exactly that--makes both coffee AND tea.  Super convenient!  The Hello Kitty tin is simply cute--perfect for holding the right amount of candy.  (As you can see I have almost all the major holidays in there LOL).

Nothing special about what goes in to these appliances.  It's the pleasure of using these things (that actually work!) to perform such everyday, ordinary routines.  Having that mid-morning coffee (or tea) craving, then drinking some cold water to wash out your system and finally, having that nice little mint to get rid of coffee breath are made all the more enjoyable with these pink treasures. off to make myself a cup of tea...=)

Happy Hello Kitty!