Thursday, April 18, 2013

Shabby Chic Desk Memo Board

Where do you come up with your fantabulous crafty ideas?  I know for me, this often happens while I'm driving and sitting in traffic.  When some idea pops up into my head, I go in to a I-need-supplies-to-execute-this-fantabulous-idea mode.  Before you know it, I'm taking the next off ramp to the nearest Michaels or Staples or wherever I can find supplies for the project....and it's a good way to beat the traffic!

This happened the other day for me when I was thinking about these frames I purchased on sale quite some time ago sitting in our garage, not getting any crafting love.  "Turn them in to small desk cork boards", I thought.  Fantastic!  So here's a quick how-to on how to make these easy 
and darling photo frame desk cork boards =)


~ any size photo frame, desk or wall, with a sturdy back
~ cork board squares--easier to cut and thicker than the rolled sheets (Staples)
~ flat-head thumb tacks (Staples)
~ pretty embellishments (Michaels)
~ utility knife (helpful in cutting the cork board squares)
~ E6000 glue

 Find your notes, pin, and you're done!  This turned out better than I thought it would.  I use mine on my desk at work--it adds a nice unique way to organize my notecards and other reminders 
I write to myself during the day.

 It also works a nice little frame, minus any notes.  You can use it to display your other pretty thumb tacks.  (Hello Kitty doesn't seem to mind either!)

Have fun crafting this little jewel!  It's easy as pie!

Happy Crafting!

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