Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Fall Fun: Glittered Clothespins

Fall is, hands down, my favorite time of the year.  The change in weather, start of school, Halloween, Thanksgiving....all of that...I just love it.  

I thought I'd try my hands at a craft that had some "fall-like" themes.  Enter glittered clothespins....sparkly clothespins...in sparkly fall colors of pumpkin, gold, green, and orange.   Playing around with clothespins seems to be my craft of choice these days.  I don't usually like glitter, but this little 
craft turned out pretty well and was so easy to do.  

adhesive tape

I found all of these at my local Jo-Ann's Fabrics.  I didn't want to commit to a whole bottle of glitter so these little glitter sample packets were just perfect.  

First I lined the clothespins with the adhesive tape and trimmed it to fit. It isn't too sticky, but sticky enough to stay put.  

I then poured a small bit of the glitter on a piece of paper.  Peeling the adhesive backing off one of the clothespins, I dabbed the sticky side on to the glitter making sure it had an even coat and tapped off the excess. I'll probably add a thin layer of glossy mod podge to these so that the glitter lasts longer on the clothespins and so that the itty bits of glitter don't get all over the place.  

Wallah!  Easy peasy glittered clothespins ready for hanging up all that fall goodness in your home.

Now go make lots to add to the "fall-ification" of your home, work space, craft space, etc.

Happy Crafting!

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